• Laine Hoke

Sit up straight- meet a local Millennial chiropractor

If your mom was anything like mine, she told you sit up straight every five minutes growing up.

Annoying as a nine year old, but now in my mid/late 20s I get it.

Millennials spend more time in front of a computer than any other generation before us. And with this new workflow comes a new set of... complications. Namely poor posture and carpal tunnel.

Super fun.

But our friend, Dr. Caitlyn Cortner, has a passion for helping people just like us regain our health all through chiropractics.

Dr. Cortner (pause- she's 27 and already a DOCTOR. wow.) has been through the ringer when it comes to health and uses her experiences to fuel her passion to start her own chiropractic office.

She and her husband, Greg, have been hustling for almost 3 years now to get prepared to handle their very own practice, Arise Family Chiropractic, in Cumming, GA.

Through events like Network Millennial and other local organizations they have been reaching out to the Cumming/Alpharetta/Johns Creek area to deliver a heck of a lot of value to the community and share their passion of maintaining a healthy body.

And now, all their hard work is about to pay off as they host their Grand Opening of Arise Family Chiropractic on October 15, 2018.

It's been a long journey, as any entrepreneur will tell you. But for Dr. Cortner and her husband Greg, it's a journey worth making.

"When you see the progress a patient makes, week after week, until they are only coming back for maintenance visits, it makes all the long hours worth it!" Caitlyn told us.

We are proud to know Caitlyn and honored to support her and other local young professionals and entrepreneurs through Network Millennial events, blogs, and social media.

Keep up the hustle!


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