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Pure Hustle

Network Millennial meet Lauren Mullinax. Lauren is a local millennial #BOSS and the franchise owner of Pure Barre Cumming.

We found Lauren through the magic of Instagram; let's just say it was love at first like.

But let's rewind a little bit- contrary to popular belief, Lauren wasn't born owning a Pure Barre. It has taken her a lot of time, hard work, and sweat (because... it's a workout 😉) to become the hometown hustler she is today.

Lauren serendipitously stumbled upon Pure Barre in Charleston, SC shortly after college and was quickly hooked. When she came back to the good ol' state of Georgia she heard a Pure Barre was opening in Cumming and knew she had to become a client.

She loved the technique, brand, and community Pure Barre was able to bring to Cumming so much she became and teacher at the studio....

And eventually she bought the place.

That was two and a half years ago and Lauren's passion for healthy living and growing a community has taken the county by storm.

From events at her Pure Barre location, to events in the community, and even featuring local entrepreneurs and small businesses on the Pure Barre Cumming social media channels, Lauren is like kind of a networking + community building guru.

To Lauren, community is more than a group of people, it's family.

As a FoCo local and daughter of an entrepreneur, she knows the importance of supporting the people around her and being true to herself and her roots.

Which is why Pure Barre is such a great fit for her. The corporation allows each franchise owner to express their own unique version of their business. Of course there is still structure and technique communicated from a corporate level, but the success of the Cumming location is largely due to Lauren's networking abilities and straight up hustle.

So what happens to community builders like Lauren when they crush their business goals?

They open a new location.

That's right. Our girl Lauren has gone from passionate Pure Barre client, to teacher, to owner, to TWO locations in just a few short years.

Pure Barre Hamilton Mill in Dacula, GA is set to open in Spring of 2019 and we CANNOT WAIT to see the community Lauren and her co-owner create.

By now you are probably asking, "How does she do it? How can I do it?!" We were wondering the same thing. So, we asked.

Lauren says the key to networking is to always stay confident in your presentation, and believe in yourself and your business. And of course..

Always, ALWAYS, always stay positive throughout your day to continue to create the life you have worked so hard for.

Totally solid advice that Network Millennial wants to echo for all our young professionals.

Networking is not about talking to the most important person in the room, it's about making the person you are talking to feel like THEY are the most important person in the room. THAT. is effective networking.

And THAT is how Lauren makes you feel every time you speak to her.

But don't take our word for it! You can meet THE Lauren Mullinax at our December 6th event at Cherry Street Brewery, or stop by her Pure Barre Cumming location in The Collection, next to Grub Burger. You can also follow PBC on Facebook and Instagram.


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