• Laine Hoke

Payin' it Forward

In our lifetime, there are a handful of people that make a lasting imprint on us.

You might have had a great youth pastor or a fun and caring uncle.

Maybe you felt very connected to Michael Jordan's performance in Space Jam.

Or maybe you were lucky enough to have a mentor take time to pour into your adolescent life to help you become the person you are today.

For us at Network Millennial, we believe the power of human connection is the strongest of all. That's why we are so passionate about connecting you with other folks in your area and choosing charities that fit that same model.

Out friends at Mentor Me North Georgia are doing just that, they are connecting folks in the north metro area with kids that need a positive adult influence.

Think about your younger self.

Butterfly clips, frosted tips and all... You probably had a few friends and at least one trusted adult you could turn to.

The kids that Mentor Me serves don't have that. Not only are they missing out on a very wild ride known as the JNCO Jean fad, but they also do not have a trusted adult influence they can turn to when they are going through a hard time at school or at home.

Mentor Me works with professionals just like you and me to figure out a schedule that works for both parties.

And before you go disqualifying yourself from being a mentor because you "aren't good with kids" or you're "too busy" or you "don't have anything to offer"... You W R O N G.

Being a mentor is less about always having the best answers or being an expert in fun things for tweens and way more about being present in the moment for a person that doesn't get the chance to be heard very often.

That's something you can do. It's something we can all do.

And tbh- it's something we all *should* do.

There are currently 30 kiddos in the area that are in need of a positive adult influence in their life and we think that's a number we can help decrease.

We are challenging you, millennials, to become proactive in the life of a kid that needs someone to listen to them for an hour a week.

One hour a week.

That's like trading an episode of Stranger Things so that a tween can feel known, heard, and valued- that's a trade worth making.

On Thursday, March 21 at our Happy Spring, Millennials event, our friends from Mentor Me will be hanging out and ready to chat with you about what your impact can look like.

Think about it.

Do something bigger than yourself for someone else.

You'll be glad you did.


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