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Music 2 Ur Ears

Ahem, may I have your attention. Drum roll please……

Millennials, meet your new friend Shawn Roschester.

If you’ve made it to a Network Millennial event in north metro Atlanta, you might have had the pleasure of chatting with Shawn. He’s a cool dude and a personal friend of Net Mill.

If you HAVE chatted with Shawn, then you know he’s fun, outgoing, and super caring…. He’s also really humble.

Which means there’s a good chance he didn’t tell you he owns Ponce De Leon Music Center in good ol’ FoCo.

If you are from Forsyth County, you knowww Ponce De Leon. But- we are a community of folks from all over, so allow me, dear reader, to fill you in on Ponce De Leon and our friend Shawn Rochester.

Shawn was part of the Central Forsyth drumline back in high school and then pursued a music education degree in college.

PLOT TWIST: he graduated with a psych degree (shout out to everyone who changed their major more than once 🙋🏻‍♀️).

During college, Shawn worked at Ponce De Leon repairing instruments and “was able to work his way up the ladder pretty quickly.” He says it like it’s a surprise, but if you have met Shawn that information would surprise you zero- the dude is a hard freaking worker and tbh would probably be one of my favorite coworkers.

After graduation, Shawn continued work at Ponce De Leon.. and this is the part of the story where I need to give you a little background on the Music Center.

PDLMC (🙃even the abbreviation is long) has been around for many moons. Like, decades. As anyone over 27 knows, working on something for decades can get tiring, and that’s exactly how the sweet original owners of PDLMC felt.

But what to do with a business that has become a staple in the community and a major player in the arts programs for local schools…..

Funny you should ask- because that brings us back to a loyal employee named Shawn and his fam.

Yup, that’s right, Shawn and his family were able to purchase the business from the original owners and start on their own wild roller coaster ride that is owning your own business.

And so! Here we are. Shawn and his fam have had the business for a few years, and after talking to him about it, I know for a fact his is livin’ in his passion.

Speaking of our conversation- I think you would enjoy these direct quotes from good ol’ Shawnny Boy (I am sorry. I won’t say that ever again).

Me: What would you say to yourself 3-5 years ago?

Shawn: Commit to something even if it hurts. You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

… he continues

Networking is the MOST important thing you can do. It all goes back to relationships… Being in drumline, volunteering to teach drumline, hanging out with people after competitions - those relationships matter more now [because they have grown into great friends + customers]. Having genuine + fun interactions with folks, that creates positive business.

Let that all sink in. Read it back. I know I did… like 3 times.

On the surface, it’s good advice. But if you dig a little deeper…. It’s GREAT advice. And not just for people who own a business. That’s advice for L I F E, millennials.

Networking with people and working *hard* on something you are passionate about, hey, that sounds like the recipe to a good life.

But Shawn doesn’t stop with networking, and neither should you.

Shawn and the PDLMC team work together to empower each other and their customers, which means providing a space for college students the opportunity to teach music lessons to kiddos in FoCo.

Not only are these teachers able to earn some extra money to survive college (which is a real v i b e)- but they are filling a very serious need in Forsyth County for a ton of kiddos that *want* to get involved in the arts.

They teach classes, and during the summer.... that's right.


*rare footage of Shawn tearing it up for the sake of the kids*

Shawn also goes above and beyond the call of a music center owner and puts on fun events for elementary school students like instrument petting zoos… bc who *doesn’t* want to get up close + personal with a flute, cello, or obo?


Well, because fifth graders going into middle school have the opportunity to join band, but there is a chance they haven't been exposed to musical instruments yet.

So, Shawn decided it would be good for everyone if the rising fifth graders had a chance to look at some of the instruments they could play in middle school band.

All these fun things are what makes Shawn such a boss boss and PDLMC a great member of the community in Forsyth County and the greater metro ATL area…

But don’t take my word for it. Give Shawn a handshake at the next Net Mill event (lol tbd) or check out our Instagram live convo where we will be diving into * all the things* on WEDS SEPT 4th @ 6 PM EST.

P.S. If you know somebody in Nashville or ATL that would be a great candidate for a millennial feature drop us a line.

We love talking to new folks.


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