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Money N NUTS

If you’re looking for blog about money that will change your life we can’t promise this is it.

What we CAN promise is that if you read this blog and actually *do something* about your finances you will be in a better place in six months than if you scroll on through.

Whenever we have a q about $$$ we always go to our guy Van Baird.

For those of you who are new here (hi, hello, welcome), Van Baird is our money guru. He puts the “fun” in funds. He knows money. He’s lived money. And now he coaches people on how they can control their own money.

In fact, he is so passionate about helping other people with their cash that he hosts Money Talks With Van. Our founder (@laineyhokey) went to one and was able to change they way she ran the finances in her own small business- allowing her to straight up hire more team members.

Have we sold you on Van’s expertise yet? Ok, cool. Here comes the meat and potatoes:

“People want to know the fastest and easiest way to manage their money. My advice: Google it!” - Van Baird

The amount of *GOOD* information online. It’s not a matter of finding the *right* app or blog or podcast….

It’s about being consistent with what works for you.

Yup. It’s legit about finding the approach that works for you and sticking to it. And as a v wise man once said, “Ain’t nothin’ new under the sun.” (N NUTS) So without further adieu: Van’s Money N NUTS for Net Mill.

Best Money Apps

With a nod to the Qaptial app as Van’s very favorite, check out this article from Business Insider

Best Instagram Accounts about Personal Finance

Shoutout to Clever Girl Finance for also making us laugh. She gets listed in this article from Dollars and Sense

Top Blogs about Personal Finance

The kind folks at The Money Mix take the Money-N-Nuts approach to heart and curate a real time page with the best most relevant post about Personal Finance.

Best Podcasts for Finances

Hot off the “Publish Now” button, Yahoo! Finance just released their recommendations for 2019

That’s it... for now.

We want to hear from YOU! Comment below with your favorite resource to help you with your money.

P.S. If you want to co-host a Money Talks With Van we HIGHLY recommend it! You can email us for more info- OR reach out to the man Van himself!