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Millennial Living - OTP Style

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

You made it to Atlanta- well.... OTP anyway. Atlanta can be a liiiittle too crowded and honestly, the rent is too dang high. Being the frugal and fiscally responsible (read *help me, I'm poor*) Millennial you are, you have opted for the OTP life.

Traffic isn't as bad, but let's face it- you feel like you have to drive ITP to meet people or have fun.

Enter: Network Millennial. We exist under the premise that you don't have to live inside the perimeter to have fun, enjoy great local food, or meet great new people.

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If you love the idea of being involved with a local networking group that connects local Millennials and supports worth causes, drop us a line. We are always looking for new team members, event sponsors, and locations to have our events.


If you have a venue looking for more Millennial customers or a company looking to grow your team, consider becoming an event partner.

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