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Make A Difference: Erin's Hope

Meet the Horst family.

There are a few things we want you to know about them, but first, let's review what we know about you.

1- You're way more generous than folks give you credit for. (Source: the $500+ we raised in 3 months for deserving charities)

2- You love supporting and growing your community. (Source: our events keep getting bigger thanks to YOU)

3- You respect a well placed GIF. (Source: ⬇️)

Based on all this scientific evidence, we knew we had to select a v special Charity Partner for our February event- We Luv U, Millennials.

Presenting: Erin's Hope for Friends, a safe community created for young adults on the high functioning autism spectrum (HFAS).

Here's the deal, no one else in the country (yeah, like the entire US of A) is doing what Erin's Hope for Friends is doing, and tbh- we are 105% here for it. We all know how challenging it is to find and keep a solid community, but for the folks on the HFAS, making connections with other people can be extra challenging.

So how did Erin's Hope for Friends get started?

It's a story with a happy ending, but not before the Horst family's heartbreak.

Erin's Hope was born out of the tragic loss of Erin Horst, a 17-year-old young woman on the HFAS. Despite her vibrant personality, love of animals and musical talent, Erin was bullied.

Due to the circumstances of her bullying, she left this world too soon, leaving her family determined to make sure no HFAS teen or young adult ever felt alone again. 

E's Club in Alpharetta was opened to provide a space for HFAS individuals to build skills to build and maintain friendships.

We all know the value of a community, whether it is a community of professionals or a community of friends, there is no doubt that we all succeed more when we are together- which is why Network Millennial is proud to partner with Erin's Hope for Friends.

Here's our goal: To raise $100 so the good folks at Erin's Hope can purchase more games to help encourage social interaction.

It takes about $1,000 to sponsor one young adult for one year at Erin's Hope, and as a 501(c) 3, they rely on the generosity of the community to keep their doors open.

So let's help them make a difference, Millennials! Bring your extra coinage to our February event so we can make an impact on the local community.


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