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Make a Difference: Bald Ridge Lodge

Making an impact on your local community can be difficult when you are a busy Millennial. Between work, managing life, attempting to be social… It can be hard to find a time or space to be generous.

We get it.

Network Millennial believes giving back to the community is *incredibly* important and know that our peers feel the same.

That’s why we have contacted and vetted local charities to partner with each month at our Network Millennial events.

It’s not a simple task to meet with directors of these charities, but it’s something we value greatly and because of that we make the time for it and select non-profit organizations that are benefiting citizens in the local community that are in crisis.

For the month of November we have chosen to partner with Bald Ridge Lodge, a boys home in Forsyth County that cares for young men from the ages of 12 - 21 that are in the care of DFCS or referred by the Juvenile Courts.

As young professionals it’s easy for us to take a brief stroll down memory lane to our teenage years.

For most it was a time of braces, lanky limbs, and lots of new *feelings*.

For some, teenage years have brought many challenges, and thanks to Bald Ridge Lodge, lots of support.

Since opening their doors in 2008, BRL has been able to offer counseling, mentoring, and a safe place for their residents.

To quote The Beatles, "We all wanna change the world."

Thanks to our partnership with BRL, you are able to change the world right in your backyard.

Network Millennial is proud to partner with BRL and support the positive impact they are making in the lives of every boy that walks through their doors.

On November 6th, we are asking each attendee to bring their spare change to make a BIG change for the boys at BRL.


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