• Laine Hoke

Here 4 U

I’d like to tell you a short story.

It’s the story of how we got started, and you’re a character.

Hi! I'm the founder of Network Millennial, @laineyhokey (that's me in the middle with the big cheesy smile).

Not so long ago I was trying to make plans with friends.

We all kept saying the same thing:

“There’s nothing to do around here” (here being a land v far for the perimeter of Atlanta, a land called Forsyth County)

Then I got to thinking- if we are saying this… there has to be more people saying the same thing. This isn’t a unique problem.

The wheels kept turning and I thought… what better way to solve a problem than to throw a party.

But where should I throw this party and who would I invite?

That’s when I told the folks (and fellow millennials) that own Cherry Street Brewery I had a crazy idea to throw a party and call it a “networking event” so people would show up and not think I was a desperate weirdo (😉).

“Yeah that sounds great. Let us know how we can help.”

Boom baby!

Cherry Street was on board and we were off to the races. On October 3rd, 2018 the first Network Millennial event was hosted.

I’ll be honest.

I was expecting 30 people to show up. And I had called the newspaper to tell them they needed to write a story on Network Millennial… even though there was no story.

But over 90 of you showed up. (this is some of you ⬇️)

And you asked where the next event would be.

So I found another venue.

Over 115 of you showed up.

You asked where the next event was going to be.

And more and more of you asked “Why are you doing this?”

I just shrugged and changed the subject and kept planning and promoting event.

But I think it’s time I give you a good answer.

This is for you.

Network Millennial is for you to grow your community.

To help you find a job.

To help you make more friends.

It’s for you to connect with incredible non-profits that are doing great things for people all over the planet.

It’s a place for you to practice your networking skills.

Make new connections.

Build your confidence.

Get more business.

To let you know you aren’t alone in your career or in life.

Introduce you to cool venues and incredible brands that want to help you.

Network Millennial built by you to benefit you.

That’s it.

We aren’t trying to change the world. Just your world.

Because we believe life is better together.

So we’ll keep throwing events as long as you are happy to keep spreading the word.

Thanks for being a part of our community. It’s a pleasure to serve YOU.


© 2019 by Network Millennial.

Nashville, TN + Atlanta, GA

lainehoke@gmail.com if you must.

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