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5 OTP Hidden Gems

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Sure Atlanta has some really great places. But don't discount the number of great places to hang out with friends and grab coffee or a drink located in the 'burbs.

Nido Cafe - Cumming, GA

OTP Location: Southwest Forsyth County - Vickery Village

What To Get: Nido Latte (if it's in season get it w/ lavender + honey)

What's To Love: Nido loves on the community like it's their job

So the Nido Latte is great, and honestly so the avocado toast. But what I love about Nido is their local involvement. These people take care of their community like no one else. If you are in the Vickery Village area, you have to make a special stop by Nido and enjoy the airy vibes, natural lighting that would put any Insta-grid to shame, and super yummy bites.

Valor Coffee - Alpharetta, GA

OTP Location: Downtown Alpharetta

What To Get: Lavender Vanilla Iced Coffee with Oat Milk

What's To Love: Service, service, S E R V I C E

Yes, that is the absolute longest coffee order of your life and it is 100% W O R T H I T. The guys that run Valor are super serious about offering super service. Located in the bottom floor of Thrive co-working, Valor co-owners Riley, Ethan, and Ross are all about quality- both in service and in product. Let's just say it shows. These guys make every other coffeeshop, ITP or otherwise,

1920 Tavern - Roswell, GA

OTP Location: Downtown Roswell

What To Get: Bloody Mary

What's To Love: It's alllll good

Full disclosure: I have a crush on 1920 Tavern. It's a great for a date, business meeting, or a grab a huge Bloody Mary before you head to a dry wedding. Yes, I have done all three at 1920 and I'm not sorry. 1920 Tavern has a great dinner + drink scene with tons of options from appetizers to entrees, beers to cocktails.

Cherry Street Brewery - Cumming, GA

OTP Location: Southwest Forsyth County - Vickery Village

What To Get:

What's To Love: Brews + Gumption

Let's not skip over the fact that there is a *literal* brewery right in our own backyard. Nick Tanner + fam know what's up when it comes to brews and getting s#*t done. Breaking through all the red tape of small town liquor laws wasn't easy, but we sure are glad they did it.

CRU Wine - Alpharetta, GA

OTP Location: North Fulton- The Avalon

What To Get: The Cabernet Flight

What's To Love: Umm hello, W I N E at the Avalon...

As a red wine enthusiast, I have to say the Cabernet flight is just what I need literally all the time. With full dinner entrees as well as the most Instagram-able charcuterie plates, it's the perfect place to go with your girl gang on a Thursday night.

Crazy Love Coffee - Roswell, GA

OTP Location: Just down the road from downtown Roswell

What to Get: Cortado

What's To Love: Rustic coffeeshop vibezzz.

Ok we aren't sure who gave Crazy Love permission to be so crazy cute, but we are here for it. This place has optimal natural lighting for the perfect Insta coffee pic or to look super cute for an early morning coffee date. With yummy bites and super cute products sourced from local vendors, it's the perfect spot for a slow Saturday morning.